Let’s Talk Meal Prep 101

Let’s Talk Meal Prep 101

Meal prep

So I’m pretty sure you have logged in on your favorite social media page and see plenty of people posting pics of tons of containers with the same or different meals, Ziploc bags full of snacks, or salads in mason jars; this is called “Meal Prepping”. Meal prepping is done for several reasons let’s list some shall we: 1) Eat Healthier 2) Saving Money 3) Eating more consistently 4) Save more time the list goes on and on.

Whatever reason you choose,  Meal prepping gives you the chance to plan your meals for an entire week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meal prepping also gives you a clear visual on what food you’re putting into your body. Remember food is fuel so we if we constantly load it with junk then I guarantee you won’t be going far in life, pretty much your tank will be on empty.

So let’s get down to the basics first off you will need a set of containers enough to prep for an entire week. I purchased my containers off of Amazon.com ( I use Fitpacker Meal Prep Containers set of 16 containers for $20) but any regular tupperware containers will do. Next you will need to make a grocery list of what exactly you would like to prep, now this step may seem hard but it’s pretty simple. I hear from a lot of people how do you eat the same thing everyday , well here is a simple solution you can prep different meals. Make sure on our grocery list there is options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner. So break it down like this a healthy meat choice, green veggies, fruit, gallon of water.

Alright here comes the next fun part planning a day out of the week, a day where you have at least one to two hours of free time where you can lock yourself down in your kitchen to cook/prep your meals for the week. I personally turn on my favorite playlist or a movie playing loud from the living room and get to cooking. Place all your food into the containers you have purchased and store away in your fridge. So the next morning when you do wake up and prepare to head to work, school, or wherever  just grab your meals place them into your favorite lunch bag/carrying bag and you are now a meal prep champ.

Here are a couple of websites I like to use when I am in a meal prep rut and I have no idea what I’m going to cook/prep for the week.



** Both sites have apps as well, Fitmencook is only available on Apple at this time**